Being Your Own Agent

Being Your Own Agent

Representing myself in a transaction was a new experience. My husband, two daughters, and I purchased our forever home in Folsom, California at the end of 2019. I expected to represent myself in an investment property transaction first but it ended up being a new primary residence instead.

I was excited to get to be in control of my own real estate purchase and trust that the deal would move forward swiftly and soundly. In real estate you hear variations of “hope to have a smooth” transaction from various parties involved. There are so many aspects to real estate transactions and any realtor can tell you horror stories. Fortunately the listing agent, was a true professional and was helpful in negotiations and communicating through the process.

As a Realtor I help my clients navigate through the home buying and selling process and it is important to be rational and smart. When buying a new primary residence it is easy to let emotions overtake logic. Sometimes emotions overpower the logic in the end and that is fine if that is truly what the client wants, but you need to have a realtor on your team who can help remind you of the big picture to make the right decision. I may have silenced my realtor a time or two because I was in love with the property.

I am grateful for the learning experience this transaction gave me as it served as a reminder of all the emotions that buyers experience when purchasing a home 🏡 Earning a commission on my new home was pretty cool too.

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She enjoys working with first-time home buyers as well as real estate investors. She owns rental properties in Sacramento and Elk Grove and understands how to work with investors to achieve their real estate goals.

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